Where is the easiest loan?

Check which loan companies you get a loan with no major obstacles.

As we know, the best chance for a bank loan is when we have the perfect credit history without delays in repaying loan installments. And for this, the appropriate creditworthiness, or respectively a high monthly income. If for some reason the bank does not give us credit, we can try to get it through loan companies. In which companies will we be the easiest for a loan?

Before I turn to presenting offers of several companies, in which obtaining a loan is not complicated and difficult. You must know that loan companies have different criteria for granting their loans. And if information on whether we do not have delays in BIK databases is very important for one company, information on the current financial situation may be much more important for another company. Several factors determined the selection of specific companies in this ranking. These were both opinions available on the Internet on various types of forums or online comparison websites, as well as my own information about my loan application conversion.

In any case, I’ve tried to find companies for you in which getting a non-bank installment loan is not that difficult. The basic condition is to have a clean history when it comes to various types of debtors’ databases and registers. We must also have a certain age to get a loan. Some companies require 18 years of age and others set the bar a bit higher. These are the basic conditions that we should meet when trying to obtain a payday loan.

Which companies are the easiest for a payday loan?

If you have previously had a problem with getting a payday loan, Incredit is a company to which you should direct your steps first. Incredit may not belong to companies that have the lowest costs of such loans , but on the other hand, I did not mean this article. The basic criterion was to find an easily available loan, and Incredit loans meet this criterion. The company makes it possible to obtain a payday loan from PLN 800 to 10,000 with a repayment period from 3 to 12 months. When applying for the first loan in the company, however, we must know that we will be able to receive as a new client up to PLN 7,000. Incredit requires a potential customer of 21 years of age, regular monthly income and no debts in the debtors’ registers for unpaid bills or invoices.

Without major obstacles, your loan application should also be accepted. Here, however, one of the important criteria on the way to obtaining a loan is having a positive credit history in the database. Therefore, we can not be a person who had significant delays in paying off bank loan installments. We are talking, however, of larger delays, reaching even up to two months in the repayment of the installment, and not such a few or a dozen or so days. However, we have a much longer loan repayment period, not only up to 12 months but up to 36 monthly installments. The main criterion that we should meet to get a loan is 21 years of age, having employment and no debts both in the debtors’ registers.

Until now, it was a company in which most people trying to get a loan from the bank were looking for help. This has not changed so far, with the difference that the competition on the market for this type of loans is much larger. Provident, however, has not given up and is still one of the leading payday loans in Poland. Their offer has been heavily enriched for many years. Provident’s offer is no longer just home loans, which until now have been described as very expensive, but also offer of internet loans or loans for people running a single business activity. It is not so difficult to get a loan in Providence. The easiest way is for home loans, but if someone has a positive credit history, then he should not have a problem getting an online loan.

Certainly, there will be no problem with its obtaining people who are 21 years of age and do not have significant delays in paying off bills or invoices that led to entering them in the debtors’ databases. If, for the first time, we apply for a loan, it can be up to PLN 5000, in the case of further loans up to PLN 10,000. The amount of available loans in ranges from 100 to 10,000 PLN. As part of the offer, we can also use short-term loans, repaid within a short time of 15 or 30 days.

Another offer is an offer that will surely interest people who have a problem with obtaining a loan because of various types of debt. This applies both to delays in repayment that were recorded in the debtors’ databases, debts visible in the BIK database as well as bailiff’s classes. In each of the above situations, we have a chance to get a loan through Rapida Money. It allows you to obtain additional cash up to PLN 25,000 with a repayment period of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. The condition for obtaining a loan is, however, having a guarantor, ie a person who will be an additional guarantor of the loan. Such a person should have a good credit history and therefore no information about delays in repayment of loan installments, as well as adequate creditworthiness. A number of information about this company can be found in a separate thread , which also includes additional opinions about the company’s operations.

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